About Us

hula-girl-2003Coffee has been a Hawaiian staple since around 1825 when the first coffee plants were shipped over and planted by settlers.  Gradually, Hawaii became the only commercially producing state of coffee, and now Hawaiian coffee is one of the most sought after in the world.

In 1982, a man named Nicky “Beans” Matichyn opened the doors to Maui Coffee Roasters to create a place that does it all:  roasting high quality coffees in small batches, providing the community with the best coffees from around the world, and assisting other fine businesses by providing top of the line equipment and accessories.

We carry a wide range of coffee and tea brewers as well as a large selection of professional accessories to fit the needs of restaurants, cafes and hotels.  We also specialize in top of the line espresso machines.  Maui Coffee Roasters is your one stop shop for all your coffee and tea needs.


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