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The Simonelli Appia

If you know Maui Coffee Roasters, you know we’re committed to the highest quality brands, beans and brews.  This is as true for our whole sale business as it is for our storefront.  This commitment is what keeps us searching for the best to provide you as a business equipment that will facilitate making amazing drinks.

The Simonelli Appia Espresso Machine, manufactured in Italy, that provides a well designed and simplified user interface that not only doesn’t sacrifice the quality of the espresso it makes, but also speaks to their push for innovation and quality.

Through science and technology Simonelli has created an espresso machine that:

  • A small compact machine that preserves it’s ability to make good coffee while accommodating the small spaces baristas usually have to work with
  • Exquisite design that adds to the aesthetic of any cafe or restaurant
  • A ‘Reverse Mirror’  That allows the barista to have full control of the coffee from the filter holder without having to bend down and, simultaneously, to verify the cleanliness of dispensers
  • Aligned cup warmer that is flush with the level of the machine cover
  • Sensitive and responsive push button keys that provide more ease
  • Soft Infusion System which allows the barista to get all of the froth from the coffee into the cup
  • So much more!

Please visit our Simonelli Appia page.  We carry both the one group and the two group machine and we’re always available to answer questions for you.

July 03, 2014
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